Dictionary through a lensOur team of super-geeks will be developing this page as and when they come up against frequently asked questions.

It’s fair to say that if they have done a good job writing the uploading instructions, there might not ever be anything on here except this!

That said, if you’re stuck in any way and need assistance, please drop our help desk a line and one of the team will get right back to you.

1) What would my LookInTheBook preview consist of?

Each mini-book contains:

  • the front cover of the book
  • share icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Tumblr and Pinterest
  • a share icon to email the mini-book to a friend
  • up to 20 content pages of your choice
  • an email link to visit the author’s blog or website
  • a direct link to buy the book from a vendor of your choice
  • the back cover of the book

All of the content displayed is within your control and it’s available to present to your readers instantly.

2) I’m not very technically minded, if I get stuck, will you help?

Yes! We’ll be uploading a How To video shortly which will guide you create your preview, but if you need additional assistance, just drop our Help Desk a note and somebody will get back to you soon.